Best SAR Drones

Best Drones for Search and Rescue Work

Here we will list some recommended drones and accessories that are good for search and rescue work.

While just about any drone out there is useful for search and rescue work because it is an eye in the sky, there are some missions which will require some pretty specialized equipment to be able to help. For example, night missions would require lighting and FLIR cameras to be of any use. The good news is, that technology is getting more affordable all the time. Lidar, FLIR, Optical Zoom cameras and more tech coming out all the time.

We will post links to their websites or recommended places to purchase and video reviews or tutorials.

Best Flight Controller Accessory

The Co-Pilot™ tripod adapter is a drone accessory every serious pilot should have. It is principally designed to alleviate flight fatigue on the neck, wrist and hands by allowing pilots to readily attach their remote control to a tripod. The Co-Pilot™ tripod adapter ensures your remote controller is safe and secure at all times. Co-Pilot™ allows you to avoid the strain and discomfort that comes with using a neck lanyard.

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