FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there any costs associated with accessing this site, membership or affiliation?

A: NO! …nada …zilch …zero

Q: Why was this site started/created?

A: Because there was nothing else out there on the internet that was a central depository/repository of UAS SAR information, resources, etc.

Q: Is this site/endeavor open and accessible to both individual pilots and SAR groups/agencies?

A: YES! This web site will be currently available and accessible to all, especially those pilots and groups associated with SAR. There are no commercial profitability motives associated with this web site

Q: How is this web site sponsored? Who is paying for this?

A: This web site is solely funded by the out of pocket monies of the 2 founders, as well as the volunteering of their time and talents to maintain and promote it.  Anyone wishing to donate any funding, no matter how small or large, can do so to help offset the cost of this endeavor.

What are the costs of a search request?

SDR is an all volunteer network of Drone Pilots. There are no costs to the SAR organizations or families of missing persons. Volunteer Drone Pilots incur all expenses.

Q: If I make a donation, what will it be used for?

A: Any donations will be use to offset the costs of design, hosting, related technologies, etc. of maintaining the running and functioning of this UAS SAR web site/endeavor.

What gear do I need to join your network of volunteers?
A Radio Controlled  multi-rotor UAV or a fixed wing aircraft with a video camera onboard. FPV is preferred but not required to join. Members working to install FPV are welcome to join. Other equipment that is helpful in SAR but not a necessity is OSD (on screen display information) or Telemetry, GPS Tracking, Head Tracking, Gimbal and the ability to record in-flight video or stills. We continually look for ways to improve our equipment and skills.
Q: Is the "Search And Rescue Drone Resources" group a 501c non-profit organization?

A: No, not at this time. This will be further explored and pursued as this site and group matures and expands. The current cost of registering as a 501c far outweighs the out of pocket costs of maintaining this site/endeavor. We are and will be open to becoming a 501c non-profit when the appropriate time and circumstances present themselves. Any donations given at this time are not currently tax-exempt contributions

Q: Is this web site just for those in the USA?

A: While this web site may appear a little USA-centric, it is the hope that this will encourage and reflect international participation.

Where can I get training?

The best place to start is to go through the “Drone Pilot Groundschool” There will be more training videos provided and also lessons learned from missions.