Once you have registered for an account using the “SAR Members” menu and been approved:

Please add a pin for yourself and/or your group/organization’s location on the map. It will benefit everyone when trying to locate SAR groups and volunteer pilots in specific areas when needed. If you need help doing this, or prefer that we do it for you, just contact us using the menu link above.

As you can see from our Active Missions Page, there is a huge need for more volunteer SAR groups and pilots to list yourselves! Please help spread the word and encourage others to both use this site and to list themselves and/or their SAR group !

Note: a “How To Video” showing the steps to add your own location/profile pins has been created. Keep in mind that while some items and tools may not be ideally functioning, there is no cost for your use and association with this unique UAS SAR Resource site. Our goal is to provide the UAS SAR community with the best possible resource site as best we can with the donation of our time, talents and covering the out-of-pocket expenses in creating, running and maintaining this site.

Your suggestions and contributions are always welcomed.

Add Your Pin To The Map

Again, if you prefer, I can do this for you. We will not be able to contact you for missions, but you will still be able to respond manually by monitoring the Active Missions Page. Scroll down page for how to video

Areas depicted on this map below are still in need of drone pilot resources!