911SARDrones Mission

Some say it was fate or even serendipity that brought together two like-minded individuals who share some common interests of piloting UASs and a desire to give something back to the UAS community as well as helping other people in need.  While working together on a UAS SAR endeavor, Tim Gillespie and Ed Schrader found that while there were many drone SAR organizations, plenty of volunteers with various talents and a plethora of technology and information out there relating to UAS SAR practices, methodologies, exercises, videos, etc.…that these bits and pieces were scattered about all over the internet.  Collaborating together, they agreed that it would be more beneficial to any and all interested and involved with search and rescue via “drones” to have one web site that could act as a depository and reference to this large database of information.  With that said, this is that “one web site” that we hope can be a better means of not only finding that information, but also a central hub of UAS SAR missions, requests and training.

~ Tim Gillespie / Ed Schrader

Our Mission

The targeted goals of this web site are as follows:

  • A quick and easy means to request help/assistance in locating a missing individual. Think of it as the 911 for SAR Drones!
  • An easy access tool to information, individuals and technologies …both of which are in regards to the deployment of UAS in a SAR mission/endeavor.

The introduction of remote controlled drones and fixed wing aircraft a few years ago has evolved from the simple enjoyment of flying such as a hobbyist to the highly sophisticated, reasonably affordable and industry focused UAS (unmanned aerial systems) found today and regulated by the FAA (Federal Aviation Association: USA only).  The UAS has emerged as to one of the newest and important tools in the SAR industry. The focus of this web site will be on the use of UAS in SAR scenarios and all that is related to it. 

Many UAS pilots have opted to help their local communities by volunteering their time, talents and technologies in flying their “drones” in the hope of locating a lost and/or missing individual. Various groups, associations and clubs have been created for this purpose whereas even local LE (law enforcement) agencies now have dedicated members whom are now certified UAS pilots for when such circumstances arise to quickly utilize them. 

This web site is not one of those “clubs” or volunteer groups. Our intention is to be the general resource hub to file a missing person request, provide links for information and general UAS SAR training and to keep those who opt for more information to be contacted when such info and/or situations arise. 

In general terms, this site is “agnostic” as to whom we affiliate with, yet we encourage and welcome any and all individual and SAR groups/agencies to affiliate themselves and connect with us.  Our goal is to also earn the respect and reputation as the “go to UAS SAR web site”.We welcome any and all suggestions, information, comments, ideas, etc. that can prove useful to the UAS SAR community.